Name Office Profile
Denise Allen Honorary Secretary Denise Allen spent much of the 70s as an excavating archaeologist, and studied archaeology at Cardiff University, where she also completed her PhD on Roman Glass in Britain. She has written many glass reports for excavations since then, mainly in Britain. For 17 years she worked for an archaeological travel company, but has always maintained an active interest in Roman glass. Denise joined the Board in 2007.
Colin Brain President Colin Brain is a chartered mechanical engineer and with his late wife Sue spent nearly fifty years researching the history of British glass: particularly focusing on drinking glass in the second half of the seventeenth century.  This period saw rapid commercial, technological and stylistic innovations that together provided the foundation for the British glass industry's success. Colin joined the Board in 2004
Justine Bayley Member of Board Justine Bayley is an archaeological scientist. Her research interests are in the broad area of past technologies, with a particular focus on non-ferrous metal and glass working in the Roman to medieval periods. She has published on Anglo-Saxon and Viking glass working in the British Isles and on the production and use of enamels in Roman Britain. Justine joined the AHG Board in 1991 and served as Honorary Secretary from 1997-2004.
John Clark Membership Secretary John Clark has recently retired as Senior Curator of the medieval collections at the Museum of London, but maintains links with the Museum. His interest in medieval glass was first sparked by the discovery in 1982, during excavations in the City of London, of a large group of fragmentary glass beakers of about 1300, decorated with coloured enamels, of the so-called 'Syro-Frankish' or 'Aldrevandini'; type. As a member of AHG's committee he organised a one-day conference on medieval glass in 1992, and with Rachel Tyson published a bibliography of medieval glass vessels found in Britain. With the first publication of Glass News in 1996 he took responsibility for Glass News subscriptions and later for printing and circulation, until relinquishing this latter role in 2009. John has been a member of the Board since 1991.
Sally Cottam Member of Board Sally Cottam studied archaeology at the University of Durham. After completing her Masters degree she was appointed as research assistant to the English Heritage funded Romano-British Glass Project. There, over a period of five years she worked with Professor Jennifer Price on glass from numerous sites in England and abroad. She now works as a producer in television news, whilst continuing her interest in glass of the Roman period. She is currently enrolled on a doctoral course at King's College London where she is studying glass of the 1st century A.D. Sally joined the board of the AHG in 2012.
Jill Dymock Treasurer Jill Dymock (content to be added)
Chloe Duckworth Member of Board Chloe Duckworth is a Lecturer in Archaeological Materials Science at Newcastle University. She specialises in reconstructing ancient and historical production and trade. Her research to date has included the application of novel scientific techniques to understanding the earliest glass and faience production in Egypt and Mesopotamia; the consumption of glass in the Late Antique Mediterranean; the study of Roman glasses found in the Libyan Sahara; glass recycling; and the development of glass and glazed ceramic production in Visigothic and medieval Spain. She lectures in archaeological science, experimental archaeology, and the history and archaeology of glass, and directs two major field projects investigating medieval production in Spain (The Alhambra Royal Workshops Project, and the Madinat al-Zahra Survey Project). She joined the Board in 2014.
Andrew Meek Member of Board Andrew Meek is a scientist at the British Museum. He studied archaeology, specialising in scientific analysis, at the University of Nottingham and completed his PhD on the chemical and isotopic analysis of English forest glass in 2011. Andrew's work at the British Museum involves the use of various analytical techniques to characterise glass, faience, enamelled and glazed artefacts from all sections of the Museum collection. This information is used in the preparation of exhibitions, catalogues and excavation reports. It is also used by glass and ceramics conservators striving to prevent the deterioration of certain object types. Andrew joined the board in 2011.
Martine Newby Member of Board Martine Newby BA, MPhil, FSA is an independent scholar, lecturer, and curator specializing in ancient and antique glass. After graduating in archaeology from Southampton University she entered the British Museum as exhibition assistant to "The Glass of the Caesars" (1987) and was co-editor with Kenneth Painter of "Roman Glass. Two Centuries of Art and Invention" (1991). Martine then worked for the London glass gallery of Sheppard and Cooper Ltd for several years before turning freelance and undertaking her MPhil on central Italian medieval glass at Durham University. She has curated a number of exhibitions, including "Glass of Four Millennia" (2000) at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, to coincide with the publication of her handbook on the museum's glass collection, and "From Palace to Parlour. A Celebration of 19th-Century British Glass" (2003), held at the Wallace Collection, London. Other publications include "The Fascination of Ancient Glass. The Dolf Schut Collection" (1999), "The Turnbull Collection of English 18th-Century Drinking Glasses" (2006) for the National Trust, and "Byzantine Mould-Blown Glass from the Holy Land. The Shlomo Moussaieff Collection" (2008). Martine joined the Board in 2000.
Jennifer Price Member of Board Jennifer Price became interested in archaeological glass at Masada in Israel in the mid 1960s. She then studied archaeology at Cardiff, writing her PhD on Roman Glass in Spain, and has since researched into glass in Britain and other parts of the Roman world, and also into aspects of Hellenistic, Byzantine and early Islamic glass. She has worked in the British Museum and in Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum, and taught in the Universities of Cardiff, Leeds and Durham before retiring as Professor of Roman provincial archaeology in 2005. Jennifer joined the Board of AHG in 1979, was President from 1996-2003, and President of AIHV from 1998-2003.  She is an editorial advisor to the Journal of Glass Studies and a trustee of the Bomford Collection in Bristol Museum and is currently working on the glass from Sidi Khrebish, Benghazi in Libya.
Daniela Rosenow Member of Board Daniela Rosenow studied Egyptology and Classics at the Humboldt-University Berlin (Germany) where she completed her PhD in 2008 on the temple of the ancient Egyptian cat goddess Bastet at Tell Basta/Bubastis in the north-eastern Nile delta. She is involved in various fieldwork projects in Egypt and as a result, has since 2011 investigated Roman, Late Antique and Early Islamic glass discovered in the country. From 2012-2014 she held a Marie Curie Postdoc Research Position at UCL's Institute of Archaeology. Daniela is particularly interested in combining the strengths of archaeological and scientific glass research with a focus on reconstructing Egypt's position in the 1st millennium AD glass trade. She joined the Board in 2014.
Rachel Tyson Newsletter EditorRachel Tyson studied archaeology at the University of Durham. After working briefly at the Museum of London, she returned to Durham to complete her PhD on medieval glass vessels found in England, concerned with the role of glass vessels in medieval society as well as the styles and origins of the glass. She is a freelance researcher of glass of all periods, specialising in the medieval and post-medieval periods, and has worked on glass finds for many archaeology units and museums. Her recent research has included an assemblage of unusual Islamic-style medieval and later glass vessels from Plantation Place in the City of London, painted medieval window glass from the abbey of Holm Cultram, Cumbria, and Roman glassworking waste from a villa site in Somerset. She has worked as an editor of archaeological publications, for Oxford Archaeology and the Finds Research Group AD700-1700, before editing Glass News for the AHG from 2009 and joining the Board in 2010.
Angela Wardle Member of Board Angela Wardle has a background in field archaeology and research, which includes a PhD in the study of Roman music, Angela has worked for the post-excavation department of Museum of London Archaeology as a finds researcher for the last twenty years, specialising in artefacts of the Roman period.  During this period, with the encouragement of John Shepherd, she developed an interest in Roman glass and has worked on assemblages from sites in London and elsewhere. Angela has published, with John Shepherd, a major discovery of glass-working waste from Basinghall Street. Angela joined the Board in 2007.