Annual General Meeting
The Association holds its Annual General Meeting in the Autumn of each year, usually in London, linked to a study day or conference.

Study Days and Other Meetings
Each year the Association holds two day meetings usually in Spring and Autumn, with a programme of papers from invited speakers on a topical theme.

Next Study Day
Our next Study Day 'New Research in Ancient Glass' will be held on the 12th of May 2021. For more details please click on the 'Study Days and Other Meetings' tab at the top of this page and follow the link to the programme pdf. Our Study Day entitled ‘Glass in the North’ is being planned for Autumn 2021. However, the current Covid-19 situation and the restrictions in place may mean that dates will change. We will keep you up to date with these changes as soon as the situation becomes clearer. For more information please email the Hon. Secretary of the AHG Sally Cottam on

Past Study days

2020 Dec: New Research in Ancient Glass (Dec 2020 - pdf)
2019 Nov: Visit to the Petrie Museum and Tutankhamun Exhibition (Nov 2019 - pdf)
2019 May: Colour in Ancient Glass (May 2019 - pdf)
2018 Nov: Hot from the Furnace Mouth (Nov 2018 - pdf)
2017 Nov: Glass of the Caesars (Nov 2017 - pdf)
2016 Nov: Glass in imitation of other materials (Nov 2016 - pdf)
2016 April: "To make much better glass..." (April 2016 - pdf)
2015 Nov: Fragmentary Tales: A Second Miscellany of Glass (Nov 2015 - pdf)
2015 June: Glass for Eating, Drinking and Making Merry (June 2015-pdf)
2014 Nov: Things that travelled (Nov 2014-pdf)
2014 Apr: Messages in Bottles (Apr 2014-pdf)
2013 Nov: A Miscellany of Glass - New Discoveries and Hidden Treasures (Nov 2013-pdf)
2013 Mar: The Evidence for British Crystal Glass 1660-1700 (Mar 2013-pdf)
2012 Nov: Recent Research and New Discoveries in Glass and Ceramics (Nov 2012-pdf)
2011 Nov: Glass in Science and Medicine (November 2011-pdf)
2010 May: Neighbours and Successors of Rome (May 2010-pdf)
2010 Oct: Glass in Art & Literature (October 2010-pdf)
2010 Mar: Glass for windows, glass for vessels. Medieval glass 1066-1550 (March 2010-pdf)
2009 Nov: Interpreting Finds from Glasshouse Excavations (November 2009-pdf)
2009 Mar: Recent archaeological research into the manufacture of glass in the British Isles (March 2009-pdf)
2008 Oct: Glass at the British Museum: Current research, science and conservation (October 2008-pdf)
2008 Mar: Buying and Selling Glass in Britain 1600-1950 (March 2008-pdf)
2007 Nov: Glass in Architecture (November 2007)
2007 Mar: The glass industry: constraints and controls from the medieval world to the 20th century (March 2007)
2006 Nov: Experimental and Ethnographic Studies relating to ancient glass (November 2006)