Study Day - Hot from the Furnace Mouth: How practical glassmaking supports glass history
Project Workshops, Quarley, Hampshire, SP11 8PX
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10.15 - 17.00, 2nd November 2018
35 for AHG members, 50 for non members (includes a year's free membership) and 25 for students.
This unusual study day will be held at the workshop of 'The Glassmakers' in Hampshire. It is designed to give delegates a rare opportunity to watch hot glassmaking that is thought to be 'representative' of historic practice. Also in this environment to consider how the knowledge gained from such work supports the development and communication of glass history. It is hoped the day will appeal equally to those with little experience in the field and those with a lot.
The glass workshop will only accommodate 16 visitors at a time, so book early to avoid disappointment. The programme is planned so that the group can be split if there are sufficient people and for there to be two 'mirror-image' programmes. Two (or four) hot glass sessions are planned in order to provide: first a basic grounding in hot glass making in an historic context; and then to demonstrate specific glass working techniques. Mark and David (The Glassmakers) have kindly offered to shape this latter part of the programme around objects bought along, or suggested, by delegates, but would like prior warning of what these are. The accompanying talks will be held in a studio above the workshop. This room is only accessible by stairs. In the first talk session it is planned to cover past successes where practical glassmaking has made a significant contribution to glass history, but also some of the dangers of assuming that a demonstrated technique is the way it was done in the past. In the second talk session it is hoped that some delegates will be willing to tell the group about the objects or examples they suggested and the relevant learning points about these from the hot glass work.
The best railway station for the study day is Andover. The times have been chosen to allow people to arrive at Andover Station 09.37 / 09.59 and leave from there 17.29 / 17.38. Arrangements for transport from and to the station will depend on the numbers of people who wish to travel this way. The date has been chosen so that Mompesson House in near-by Salisbury will still be open the following day in case anyone wants to stay overnight and visit the excellent 18th-C glass collection there. Lunch is not included, but can be ordered in advance, if desired, at a cost of 12 per head, since there are few suitable lunch venues nearby.