The Association for the History of Glass

The Association for the History of Glass is an educational charity whose aims are to advance knowledge, education and interest in the study of glass of all periods of history throughout the world.

Our members’ interests include archaeology, art history, conservation, museum studies, glass collection and glass science.

Exciting Grants News!

Due to the continued support of our members, we have been able to increase our Grants budget for the year 2024/25 by half! We are moving from a total of £2,000 to £3,000 to support research, projects and activities to advance the study of the history of glass! Applications always open!

Spring 2024 Meeting
17th May, London

Beads, rings, necklaces, hairpins – the versatility of glass has seen it used in countless ways to adorn the body. This study day will focus on the role of glass in jewellery from the Bronze Age to the 21st century. For more information and our speakers visit our meetings page.

Glass News 2024

Our members will shortly receive our next edition of Glass News. The 52nd edition is full of news and articles of interest. If you would like to share your feedback about any of the topics, or would like to contribute to the next edition planned for July 2024, please let us known on

Back issues (excluding the three most recent) are available to all as pdfs. Recent highlight include Issue 46, which includes information about the stunning discovery of a glass fish at Chedworth Roman Villa, as reported by the BBC.

New Faces on the AHG Board

A look back at 2023

The Association had an exciting year, with two successful meetings. In the Spring we were in Oxford for ‘Everything Old is New Again’, which looked at recycling and reuse in ancient and historical glass. In November we held an online meeting ‘New Reflections on Old Glass’ where we highlighted latest research on glass from the Bronze Age to the Industrial Revolution. For information on previous events, visit our meetings page

Website Changes

There have been many website changes recently – please bear with us while we work through teething issues. If you notice issues, please email