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Bettina Birkenhagen
Roman glass, experimental archaeology

Brian Clarke
English Royal Commemoratives

Caroline Jackson

Cinzia Bettineschi
Pre-roman glass, beads, archaeometry, technology, workshops

David Marsh
Trade in Roman glass in Britain

Gary Taylorson
Ancient Alsace Hugeonot Glassmakers

James Peake
Early English lead glass, Venetian and façon de Venise glass, scientific analysis, antique glass

Kata Dévai
Roman Hungary (Pannonia), manufacturing techniques

Kathryn Bedford
Roman, Medieval, archaeology

Laura W. Adlington
Scientific analysis, medieval stained glass, technology, trade, provenance

Liam Richards
Roman monochrome and mosaic glass

Lindsey Calvert
North-East England, Social History

Mark Francis
Georgian and Victorian glass. Irish glass

Paul T. Nicholson
Ancient Egyptian, Roman, Technology

Rose Broadley
Early medieval and Roman glass

Simon Cottle
Post-mediaeval British and European glass

Simon Spier
17th and 18th century glass

Sue Heaser
Glass beadmaking, Experimental archaeology, Anglo-Saxon, Iron Age, Lampwork

Susan Walker
Roman cameo, gold-glass

Thomas J Derrick
Roman glass, archaeology, glass consumption

Victoria Sainsbury
Scientific Analysis, Roman, Early Medieval, Recycling